Solar power is the answer

Arshia Rasheed

Energy crises in Karachi is neither new nor it is going to end anytime in near future. The need for energy is desperate. Solar power has the potential and is one of the quickest and cheapest ways to provide consumers with power. Solar panels for residential and domestic use are cost effective and available in the markets.
A solar panel is the main part of the system, it absorbs the sun’s rays and converts it into electricity. Solar panels themselves only need the bare minimum of maintenance needing to be washed only once a week to remove dust.
The private sector is playing its part and investors are ready to promote it but government needs to provide incentives to the solar industry in the country to make it accessible and affordable for everyone; it is the time for banks to step in and finance installation of solar panels for households to release pressure on WAPDA electricity. The ultimate solution has therefore been found, steps must be taken by government to ensure that the system is developed efficiently and speedily.
—Via email

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