Social media make us anti-social

Social media should better be used for social purposes only and not for political, official or any other purpose. Social media should be used for sending messages of greetings, sorrows and making queries about health and welfare of relatives, friends, colleagues and others . Using social media, be it any, for criticizing national institutions particularly those related to security and defence is not something which any sensible person will appreciate. National institutions belong to all of us and are manned by our own sisters, brothers, and sons, daughters who hail from this sacred soil and have not been imported.
Criticizing the national institutions finding faults with their working with negative mind, on one hand, amounts to weakening these institutions and, on the other hand, strengthening the elements within the country and abroad inimical to the existing of our motherland. All social media have originated and are headquartered in foreign countries, the moment a message is posted on one or the other social media it reaches millions of social media users and watchers all over world within no country and who knows how many of them are our friends or enemies.
As a committed elderly Pakistani, I firmly believe all those living within geographical frontiers of this country are Pakistanis first and foremost irrespective of political affiliations and differences, if the users of social media cannot make any contribution towards strengthening the national institutions then they should also better not do anything to weaken these institutions as doing so is against the national interests, to say the least.
In fact, using social media for any other purpose other than for social purposes amounts to abusing and misusing the social media and this should be avoided in the larger interests of the nation and the country. If you cannot do or say anything to strengthen national institutions; better not do anything to weaken these institutions which in the long run will amount to weakening our beloved motherland, Pakistan, please.

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