Social consequences

Syed Nadeem Abbas

The philosophy of selfishness has emerged as a leading one in the world of 21st century. However, self-centredness is a valuable competency to have in the modern socio-economic system because the ability to achieve one’s goals is at the heart of what we have become in the information age. Objectives in an individual’s life are going to be achieved through unethical means most of the times because sincerity and openness do not cherish our minds as leading social values. However, we all have two dimensions to our personalities. One is physiological and the other is psychological in nature.
Selfish and dishonest way of living takes care of physical being of our self. However, it leaves our mental health in disarray. We cannot openly socialize with others due to perceived inequality in our minds. The rich does not want to engage with the poor because he or she considers him or herself better than the masses in the streets. The unfortunate may not meet the blessed graciously due to presence of hate that he or she silently holds towards the rich. Resultantly, basis for friendship and enmity is presence or absence of wealth. We are not actually connected to anyone. Contemporary humans are not attached to themselves at a very deep level. The evidence of personal disconnectedness is lack of focus on need to fulfill one’s social and emotional interests.
In the present times, people are sacrificing their social and emotional objectives to meet their financial ones. The settled socialistic trend is crafting loneliness to grow at a cardinal level and therefore, poor want to become rich fiscally, but in the process of becoming wealthy, they would forego their friendships and honest associations. Eventually, the poor shall develop financial wealth and will make emotional payments. After fulfilling his or her financial objectives, he or she would surround his or her self with materialistic belongings such as artificial plants and expensive carpets. The question remains, can objects replace a living soul in one’s life? In the view of this article, we are getting socially poorer than richer due to the currently twisted system of socio-economics.

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