Social barriers for disabled!

Maheen Ehtisham

Everyone on this planet faces hardships and difficulties once in life. But for disabled people hardships and difficulties are a routine matter. There are multiple barriers in our society that make life difficult for the disabled to survive. Our society looks at them differently. Unfortunately, the disable are one of the most neglected and unrepresented groups in our society. We can create comfortable society for disabled people by overcoming shortage of relevant technology, creating more centres and institutions for the training of such people going through this. Sadly, in a country where we live in, there is a lack of consciousness usually parents who are gifted with special children give their responsibility to various centres or orphanages. Awareness should be fostered among parents that instead of giving these special children in the orphanage or leaving them on streets raise them well, give quality education to them and make them model for others. In the end, they will be proud parents of good human beings and responsible citizens and God will reward them too.

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