So-called democracy exploiting public

Sher Gondal

Mandi Bahauddin—Statement of Chief of the Army Staff (COAS) General Raheel Sharif is voice of suppressed people of Pakistan, said President Pakistan Ex-Servicemen Society Mandi Bahauddin Major Retd Sher Muhammad Gondal while addressing a meeting of ex-servicemen for launching Anti Corruption Movement in the district to create awareness among the public about rising corruption and corrupt practices in all government institutions and departments and its deadly effect on public.
He said so-called democratic governments led by major parties had created many mafias, gangs of dacoits and non-state actors to suppress and exploit public. These groups are running parallel governments at every level.
A culture of sycophancy and lies prevail in the country. There is no merit and justice for the poor as decisions and government jobs are given on inter-cession of the sycophants and bribe.
Contracts development projects are granted to blue eyed of government and political personalities. More than three fourth of funds allocated are misappropriated and divided among contract granting and executing authorities.

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