Smoking kills

Already Pakistan has been fighting against Polio; while its neighbours have become Polio- free many years ago. We are fighting against this monster whilst giving birth to evils like AIDS and Cancer. Recently one of my friends was diagnosed with mouth cancer and he was a smoker for more than a decade. And I feel that he was not totally responsible for his illness; partial responsibility was of the state; why state did not implemented ban on cigarettes in toto? Why cigarettes were available at the very next corner of the street? A few days back news surfaced that the government bans the sale of loose cigarettes; undoubtedly, it is not going to curb the menace of smoking in our society rather it is going to provoke it. Those who used to smoke for 2 to 3 cigarettes a day will be pushed to buy a packet. From smoking less they will smoke a pocket a day. It is high time that high officials take this issue seriously and immediately otherwise it is going to be more dangerous than Polio and AIDS in our society.

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