Smoking-free campus

The board at the gates of IBA reads we are proud to be a smoking-free campus. This board urges me to wish for the same lines written on the gates of my university. As being a student of the University of Karachi, I observed that a 60% of the students smoke inside the premises of the university, and the number of smokers is growing day by day. There is no area in the university which is smoking-free. Those who don’t smoke are turning into passive smokers, which is worse than active smoking. Either it is girls or boys both are seriously addicted to cancerous cigarettes.
It is so sad that inside the university there is no bookshop or stationary shop but cigarettes are easily available in canteens because of high demands inside the campus. And the most illegality, I saw loose cigarettes which are banned; are easily available to students. I request the Vice-Chancellor to take strict action against smoking inside university as it is aleading cause of cancer.

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