Small gestures

Moiz Malik

Eid is a joyous occasion for the Muslims all over the world. After a moth of fasting, this festival fills the entire atmosphere with happiness and soothing vibes; it’s just joy all over. People gather with their families, they come home from far and wide to observe these three festive days. People go out shopping, trying to get the best for their families, they make plans to visit relatives, having quality family time, going out for dinner or lunch and everything to be around their family for Eid. But not everyone has got that comforting life, their is always someone who wants to be with his family for final Eid shopping, helping his kids to get right combination of shoes with dress, appropriate ear rings for his girls or might be helping his wife to get things right, but he can’t.
When you are offering Eid prayers with your cousins, there is someone who can’t. When you’re eating all those scrumptious sweet dishes with your family, there is some one who can’t. When you are on a family outing, there is someone who can’t. That someone is that policeman who is standing for your security in the line of his duty. He prefers his duty and curbs all his wishes. He doesn’t go out shopping, he doesn’t care what confectioneries his family has made and neither he can offer prayers in mosque nor he can enjoy a family time because he has to protect those who are already doing these things.
It’s not easy, standing alone carrying a gun when you know you can be with your family. Seeing people laughing and enjoying with their kids must desponds him as he has to do his duty. So on this Eid, when you see a policeman outside a shopping mall or a mosque or a park, just go to him and hug him and say Eid Mubarak. Believe me! It will do a great deal to make them feel good. If you can’t do that just give him a good smile to cheer him up a bit. After all whatever sacrifices he is making are for our well-being; Eid Mubarak to all the readers too.

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