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SL’s admission of Pak coop

EFFORTS were being made in our neighbourhood to link Pakistan with the mass bombings that rocked Sri Lanka recently but the very interview of Sri Lankan Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe that he gave to Hindustan Times is sufficient to silence all those voices, which definitely were an attempt to malign Pakistan at the international level.
Whilst acknowledging Pakistan’s cooperation to Sri Lanka in countering terrorism, the Sri Lankan Prime Minister said that his country may seek Islamabad’s help to trace terrorists behind the Easter Sunday attacks. He saw this tragic event as further strengthening the trust and cooperation between the two countries. Indeed the whole world knows how Pakistan helped Sri Lanka tackle the LTTE rebels which had the backing of India. In the recent terrorist attack also, Pakistan offered immediate forensic help to Sri Lanka identify the bodies. As Pakistan has successfully tackled the menace of terrorism, therefore, it is in a better position to help and assist the regional countries in countering this curse. Indian media was bent upon connecting Pakistan with the Sri Lankan bombings with the aim to isolate Pakistan and opportunistically misrepresent it as state sponsoring terrorism. But the Sri Lankan Prime Minister in his interview very emphatically dismissed the insinuation connecting Pakistan to the bombings. This would have disappointed the Indian leadership and the media but this truly reflects the trust level that exists between both Pakistan and Sri Lanka. This also implies that they will not allow any third country to hurt their longstanding relationship. We will ask our foreign office to stay in contact with the Sri Lankan leadership and authorities and offer them any help that is required to them to trace out the perpetrators of the mass bombings. Those trying to establish their hegemony in the region must understand that they cannot sow the seeds of hatred and rifts between friendly countries such as Pakistan and Sri Lanka through its nefarious plot. For regional peace, stability and prosperity, it will be better for them to shun conspiracies and rather pursue the course of cooperation and engagement to address the multifaceted problems faced by the peoples of this region, and the best course will be to make the SAARC Forum fully functional.