Slaughter House in the capital

I want to draw the attention of Chairman CDA through your esteemed paper that there is dire need of a modern slaughter house in the capital. Although some years ago, I read a newspaper that CDA had its plan to establish a modern slaughter house in one of G sectors in its file/ papers. Now the city has been expanded from all four sides.
But still we do not find any news or initiative toward this project. With the establishment of modern Slaughter House, at least in two different directions, many improvement in terms of cleanliness, discipline and quality & authenticity of meat, and proper disposal of waste will emerge.
Moreover, during Eid-ul- Adha the said slaughter houses will provide a platform to the citizens for the proper sacrifices of their animals where they will get meat in a quick and scientific way. On Eid days, people are running after butchers, whose rates are extortionately high, and face a lot of inconvenience in the search of proper trained guys. The proper disposal of the waste of animals is a great issue during Eid days for the citizens as well as for CDA staff. Can we, as citizens of the capital, pin hope on CDA in near future under NAYA Pakistan for the construction and installation of modern Slaughter House?

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