Skipping breakfast

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and because it helps maintain good health. But it is my painful duty to mention that most of the students ignore its importance. It has been usually observed that the students go to schools without taking their breakfast, without knowing that how breakfast is important for them. Its importance can be judged from the fact that it provides essential victims, minerals and others nutrients. Additionally, it improves students’ concentration power and leads them to score high numbers in tests etc. According to a study that those students who take breakfast can score about 25% higher numbers than those who miss.
Students should know the importance of breakfast that how it is essential for their good health. It is possible when our education system provides them awareness about the importance of breakfast. Therefore, it is my humble request to authorities concerned that they should customise education system in such a way that it generates awareness among the students about the importance of breakfast in particular and about balanced food in general, so that the students first build themselves before building the nation.

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