SKC introduces new concept to cosmetic industry

Salim Ahmed


Signature Skin Care (SKC) has introduced a new concept to the cosmetic industry offering a one stop cosmetic shop which takes care of all cosmetic needs including skin, face, hair, dental and body resulting in a more confident and a more refined version. Cosmetologist and Laser Surgeon Dr M Tauqir Ahmad, who is practicing in London, Lahore and Karachi, said that SKC believes in achieving optimum results through personalized treatment plans tailored to suit the individual requirements of our clients. “Our treatments are non-invasive in nature but when required surgical options are available for our clients. Thermi treatments are non-invasive in nature and can tighten, whiten, and restore the skin which makes you look a lot younger as part of the anti-ageing process,” he said. He said whitening drips are an excellent choice for those who wish to achieve a fairer, brighter and more refined complexion. He said:”We have introduced revolutionary treatments that were previously not available in Pakistan and hold the position as international flagship and brand leaders that have successfully conducted three treatments in Lahore first and then in London.”

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