Skardu weather and woes

Temperature of Skardu, Gilgit-Baltistan, has dropped down up to the minus 14-degree Celsius in the early days of New Year, thereby making the region the coldest place of the country, even lagging Kalaam of Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa behind in terms of lowest temperature recorded. While, the inclemently freezing weather by heavy snowfall has made the life cycle of the region stagnated and paralysed on one hand – locking ways, freezing water in taps, load-shedding, hotels/motels closed and people stranded in homes – adding the insult to injury, people are facing unbridled price-hike problems on the other. The prices of gas, meat, comestible and other compulsory household needs have drastically increased with the increase in cold weather.
With no jobs and sources of income, the poor people of Baltistan cannot manage to afford the sky-rocketing prices. The authorities concerned have turned their blind eye and deaf ear towards the woes of people. Whereas, the Price Control Committee (PCC) has also cordoned off these unreasonably self-fixed prices advertently due to their connivance with sellers.
Who will address the harsh predicaments the people of the coldest region of Pakistan are facing? The tall promises of seasonal politicians with the populace during voting season appear, customarily, to be pseudo and cosmetic. Those who are sitting in public offices and assemblies should look into this matter and take some action to ease the plight of people.
Nagar, GB

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