Six workers killed in Shangla mine explosion

Tariq Saeed

Peshawar—A bloody mine in the Orakzai agency Saturday ate up more precious lives as a fresh explosion in the mine in Doli area left at least six miners dead and many others seriously wounded.
Hardly a few weeks back, it may be recalled, a deadly explosion in the same mine in Orakzai agency had killed eight workers and seriously injured several others. A huge explosion occurring in a coalmine owing to accumulation of gas and torrential rains in Doli area of Lower Orakzai agency on March 12 had literally led to the burial of scores of workers under tons of debris.
The political Administration of the Orakzai agency then claimed that the mine was sealed owing to the tragedy and inadequate safety measures. However, the mine owner without caring a fig about the official orders, operationalized the mine in the absence of safety measures that led to another tragedy on Saturday.
“As many as six mine workers were killed and six injured in an explosion in coalmine in Doli area of Lower Orakzai Agency on Saturday”.
The security forces cordoned off the area and the victims were shifted to the hospital through ambulances. It could not be ascertained as if more workers were still trapped in the mine and how many miners were in the mine at the time of blast. All the misfortunate labourers, the officials confirmed, belonged to Shangla district of Malakand agency and their dead bodies have been dispatched to their native towns.
The remote Doli area, it is worth mentioning, is situated on the converge of Hangu district and Lower Orakzai agency. The locals and the independent sources said there were over hundred coalmines in the region and in the past many such tragedies have taken place mainly due to the absence of proper safety measures in the mining industry but the authorities concerned as well as the political administration remained unpushed and the recent incident clearly manifests their negligence.

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