Six tigers arrive at Peshawar Zoo

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Six tigers arrived at Peshawar Zoo on Monday, raising the number of carnivore (meat eating) species from three to four besides increasing the beauty and attraction of public recreation facility. “Six tigers have arrived at Peshawar zoo and two more species including Zarafa and Zebra will soon arrive at the facility,” disclosed Syed Muhammad Ali, Director Peshawar Zoo.
Talking to media Muhammad Ali said Peshawar Zoo had three species of carnivore for display including Lion, Leopard and Wolf. Now with arrival of tigers, the number of these species raised to four. There is also beer at the zoo which is omnivore specie, which eats both meat and vegetation. The Peshawar zoo was established a few months earlier and number of animals is increasing with the passage of time, Ali.
He said we have also in process of purchasing Zarafa and Zebras which will soon arrive at the zoo, he continued. Ali said the administration of Peshawar zoo is charging Rs. 40 per visitor and in case of school student the charges are half. Similarly, senior citizens, special persons and children below the age of three are exempted from payment.
He said as the facility is new, the administration is facing staff problem for proper keeping of animals in the zoo. He said there are a lot of species of different animals and birds kept in the zoo and needs proper staff for look after. However, he continued, the existing staff is doing its best for proper care of the animals kept in the zoo.

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