Situation still precarious in Karachi

THOUGH a marked improvement has been witnessed vis-à-vis law and order situation in Karachi and people there have heaved a big sigh of relief over reduction in incidents of target killings, extortion, kidnappings and other organized crimes ever since the launch of Rangers’ operation in the metropolis, the seizure of the biggest ever cache of arms and weapons in the history of Sindh in a raid just a few days before Ashura Muharram near the sealed headquarters of MQM in Azizabad, reflects the threat is still looming large on the country’s economic hub and much more needs to be done to save the city from any big disaster.
Also in an interview on Saturday, Inspector General of Sindh AD Khawaja stated that several terrorist sleeper cells are involved in fuelling sectarian violence in the city. The seizure of huge firearms and the remarks of the Inspector General police explicitly show how much the situation is still precarious in Karachi. Law enforcement agencies, particularly Rangers, have raided Azizabad a number of times in the past and claimed weapons recoveries. But the latest recovery is distinct in nature not only in terms of its size but also the sophisticated weapons it included, such as anti aircraft guns, grenade launchers etc. There is no doubt this big cache could be used on the occasion of Ashura Muharram in a clear bid to trigger sectarian violence. As our external enemy can go to any extent to inflict damage to our interests, our law enforcers at this point in time need to be more vigilant to foil its attempts of fomenting chaos on sectarian lines. Instead of sowing the seeds of hatred, responsibility also rests with the religious scholars from all schools of thought to promote the message of inter-sectarian harmony. Similarly, we also expect the people to remain more watchful on the occasion of Ashura and report any suspicious activity in their surroundings to Police or Rangers. Together we can make Karachi and rest of the country cradle of peace.

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