Our situation is no more distinct

In this very letter, I want to draw the attention of our state’s concerned authorities on a burning and on an essential issue, the issue is that; as I am a student, whenever, I go to my university, there happens to be many beggars surrounding it. Among them; some are babies, a few of them are old men, and many of them are young and somehow old women. These people use to beg from all the students on a daily basis.
However, I don’t mean to say that, I don’t like them, or I loath them. I just wanna say that we are students; and our condition does not differ from the beggars’ condition as we ourselves are dependent people.
Sometimes, I feel under the weather, whenever I see them, my heart cries, but as a student, I cannot assist them by any means. In conclusion, I request the concerned authorities that, as every cloud has a silver lining, please find out some alternate places for the beggars or should go for other options.

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