Siraj asks Dutch govt to make a comprehensive law to permanently stop blasphemous caricatures


ISLAMABAD : Ameer, Jamaat e Islami, Pakistan, Senator Sirajul Haq, has called upon the Dutch government to make a comprehensive law to permanently stop blasphemous caricatures. He made this demand during a meeting with the Dutch envoy Andi Stoios Braken, here on Wednesday.

During a one-hour meeting with the envoy, the JI chief said that mere postponement of contest of blasphemous caricatures was not enough as the miscreants could attempt that any time. JI Foreign Affairs chief Abdul Ghaffar Aziz and Barrister Atif Ali Khan, accompanied the JI chief at the meeting.

Sirajul Haq made it clear to the envoy’s team that the blasphemous caricatures hurt the sentiments of around 1.75 billion Muslims all over the world. As such, the Dutch government and its people should exert every possible legal, social and political pressure on the caricature maker and his gang to refrain from such mischief that might endanger world peace.

The JI chief told the ambassador that Islam was the religion of peace, harmony and love. Islam, he said, protected the rights of not only human beings but also animals. He said the Muslim world failed to understand that somebody in Europe which espoused the cause of human rights, could indulge in such a despicable act.

Sirajul Haq said that disrespect to the Holy Prophet Muhammad or other sacred personalities could not be termed as freedom of expression as it created hatred in the society and no civilized society could permit that.

The JI chief presented a set of books on the life of the Holy Prophet to the ambassador and said that a deep study of these books would enable her to know the golden teachings of Islam and the Holy Prophet.

He said that the blasphemous caricatures hurt the sentiments of not only the Muslims but even the peace loving and civilized people from other religions also disliked these as this had given birth to negative sentiments for Holland all over the world.

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