Sino-India 20th round of talks over disputed border regions

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India and China have held special delegation-level meetings on key points in a dispute on border regions.
India’s National Security Advisor Ajit Doval and China’s State Councilor Yang Jiechi met, along with other senior officials, on Friday for the 20th round of the India-China border talks in New Delhi.
China and India have tried to develop their bilateral relations in recent years but have been involved in a bitter border dispute.
That row worsened in mid-June after Chinese troops began building a road on the remote Doklam Plateau, a region disputed between China and India’s ally, Bhutan.
PressTV-China slams reported Indian road project on border
China slamms India over a report that it plans to build a road in territory disputed between the two countries. India has military presence in Bhutan.
Heated rhetoric in both Beijing and New Delhi raised concern at the time about a renewal of hostilities that had resulted in a short but deadly frontier war between the two sides in 1962. The nuclear-armed powers share a 3,500-kilometer border, much of it is disputed between them.

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