Singing national anthem

During the first T20 cricket matches between Pakistan and West Indies at National Stadium Karachi on Sunday 01st April 2018, national anthem of Pakistan was played and everyone present in the stadium stood up from their seats to pay reverence. Due to some technical glitch in sound system, national anthem went off air but spectators present in the stadium sang the remaining part of national anthem.
This incident was widely discussed and shared on social media as to how the Karachites demonstrated their nationalism by completing the national anthem. I have serious reservations over playing of national anthem in the stadium before the start of cricket match or in the theatre before the start of a movie. I think national anthem should be sung live by each and every person present in the stadium, theatre or any place where presentation of national anthem is essential.
Many of us do not even know our own national anthem by heart. If we start singing national anthem live every time, at least many of us will be able to learn it by heart for the rest of our lives. An official announcement should be made by Federal Government that from now on national anthem will not be played anywhere in Pakistan but will be sung live by the citizens. Pakistan Zindabad.

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