Sindh trying to ‘liberate’ itself from Centre

Cabinet approves bill to ban NAB raids

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Sindh, which has been protesting over unnecessary interference in its internal matter by the federal government, has finally launched a campaign to free itself from such attempts, an evidence of which came Friday when the provincial cabinet approved a bill to ban NAB raids on matters and departments purely under its control
The bill now be presented before the Sindh Assembly for approval in session, called for on July 3, says an official communication received in Pakistan Observer office.
Analysts saw this as a clear attempt to bar National Accountability Bureau from raiding its offices, and departments or dealing with subjects on provincial list. NAB after the passage of the bill can only raid or deal with federal departments, offices or with issues under federal control.
The decision to introduce such a legislation came after advocate general Zameer Ghumro briefed the cabinet about NAB activities. During previous chief minister’s days, the then chief executive Qaim Ali Shah, too, had agitated over the issue.
After approval of the proposed law, Anti Corruption department of the provincial government alone will be empowered to deal with corruption cases in the province. The cabinet also slammed ban on establishing new sugar mills in the province.

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