Sindh People’s Carvan welcomed at Badin

Sawan Khaskheli

Badin—Hundreds of people in Badin district welcomed the “Sindh peoples Carvan” organized by Pakistan Fisher Folk Forum (PFF) on its arrival in Badin.
Hundreds of participants, including fisherwomen, peasants women in the Carvan, wearing specially designed caps continued to proceed enthusiastically. The banners holding participants inscribed with slogans demanding food sovereignty, climate justice, stop deforestation, restore mangroves and riverine forests, save fresh water bodies.
The Sindh peoples Carvan has took place from District Thatta and Sajawal with the large number of the vehicles and reached at Badin at about the 5:00 pm and it was turned in a massive gathering infront Badin Press Club.
The Carvan participants were carrying placards and banners inscribed with slogans demanding to ensure water flow to the delta, save river ecology and riverine forests, save fresh water bodies. While speaking the hundreds people of the Sindh People Carvan, Mohammad Ali Shah, Chairman, Pakistan Fisher Folk Forum (PFF), expressed that this “Sindh Peoples Carvan” hopefully would be proved to reduce the occupation of landlords and big land owners from the land and we also demanded for the land reform.
When this occupation of the landlords from the lands would not be eliminated till poverty reduction is seemed impossible, he added. Mr. Shah said that we support the land reform in the Pakistan and before the land reform the development of the people is no possible.

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