Sindh PA passed four bills, adopted 13 resolutions


The Provincial Assembly of Sindh passed four bills and adopted thirteen resolutions during 32nd session that comprised 17 sittings held between the period from April 12 to May 18.
The House did not take up more than half (53%) of the Private Members’ business during the session. The opposition lawmakers protested against the Chair and the government for rejecting their business and barring them from speaking on Points of Order. Nearly 11% duration of the session was consumed in Points of Order that were used to discuss political controversies and governance issues.
On average, 65 (39%) lawmakers including five minority lawmakers attended each sitting. At commencement of each sitting, there were 36 (22%) members present, on average, whereas the number rose to 46 (28%) at the time of adjournment. Each sitting on average started 88 minutes late and lasted two hours and 31 minutes.
The longest sitting of the session (15th) continued for three hours and 43 minutes while the shortest (3rd) met for 34 minutes. The cumulative duration of 17 sittings was 42 hours and 56 minutes, of which 61 minutes were consumed in prayer break or suspension due to lawmakers’ protest.
The Speaker and the Deputy Speaker attended 14 sittings each. The Speaker presided over the proceedings for 26 hours and 20 minutes (61%), the Deputy Speaker for 12 hours and 43 minutes (30%) and the Panel of Chairpersons presided over the rest of the proceedings.
The Leader of the House (Chief Minister) attended five sittings for five hours and 41 minute (13%) of the proceedings. The Leader of the Opposition was present in 12 sittings for 12 hours and 20 minutes (29%).
The Parliamentary Leader of PPPP attended entire session (17 sittings) and was followed by the leaders of MQM (16 sittings), PTI (14 sittings) and PML-F nine sittings. The leader of PML-N and NPP remained absent throughout the session.
The Assembly passed four bills including a Private Member’s bill during the session.—NNI

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