Sindh IG has a point

INSPECTOR General Police (IGP) Sindh AD Khawaja on Tuesday called for a change in laws inherited by Pakistan from the British colonial era in order to improve efficiency of policing. Addressing a press conference in Karachi, he spoke about difficulties and problems being encountered by the police force and warned that things would remain as it is for another 150 years if colonial era law was not changed.
Police is criticised everywhere but AD Khawaja has a point when he questions as to why and how it reached present state of affairs. His reference to the time when Police successfully restored peace in Karachi and then left at the mercy of circumstances is also an apt reminder of insensitivity of our rulers and the society. Both Rangers personnel and policemen are recruited from the same society then why is it that Rangers are rated high and police negatively. This is because of mode of recruitment, difference in training and equipment and the factor of constant public dealing that often leads to corruption. There are also issues of command, vigilance and monitoring which is not as effective and robust in police as it is in Rangers. But the IG has rightly pointed out that the police force can also deliver provided laws are changed to make it service-oriented and it is made immune to all sorts of political interference right from the induction to postings, promotions and misuse of authority and power. What would you expect from police when you make politically motivated appointments and use all means to get desired police officer posted in your area or sphere of influence? In fact, neither Federal government nor Provisional governments are serious to reform the police and judiciary as status quo suits them all while people of Pakistan continue to suffer.

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