Sindh IG admits police using ‘stone age’ techniques

Staff Reporter

Sindh Inspector General Amjad Javed Saleemi said on Friday that there are people within the department who are involved in criminal activities and protect criminal elements for their ulterior motives.
Addressing a meeting, the new provincial police chief said that the department begins to fail when it supports criminal elements, adding that the police needs to rid itself from the people involved in criminal activities. “Sindh Police is a poorly-coordinated department, it seems rather than policing the department is doing something else,” he said. “It was other departments, not police which stopped terrorist incidents occurring in the city.”
The Inspector General said that the department is using techniques of ‘stone ages’ to tackle street crime. “We have to discipline the force on a scientific basis to tackle street crime,” he said. “I will supervise the re-formation of the force.”
The new IG also expressed his dissatisfaction over the CCTV system placed to monitor the metropolis. “I have been nominated to ensure transparent polls. At any cost, we have to implement the directives of ECP by ensuring free and fair elections.

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