Sindh govt to welcome centre budget for Karachi: Ghani

Staff Reporter

Sindh Minister for Local government Saeed Ghani has said that if Federal government was ready to provide funds for the projects of Karachi than we would welcome it.
Talking to media during a surprise visit at various pumping stations of KWSB on Wednesday.Replying to a question about the Mayor regarding funds, he said everyone needs money but expenditures are done after seeing priority of the projects.Answering to a question he said delay in K-IV project was because of Federal government, they are insisting only for 50 percent, the cost has escalated because of delay.
He said a summary has been sent to Federal government to increase the share of K-IV but they insist only for 50 percent.Regarding punctuality of time from 9 am to 35 pm he said it will take time things do not improve in just ten days, MD KWSB has been issued directives in this regard.He said through two projects K-IV 100 mgd water and through Nek 65 mgd water would be provided to the city, at present Karachi was being supplied 175 mgd.He said Jamila Pumping station at Ranchore lane was being upgraded, it is 130 years old.
Saeed Ghani said now he would examine the pumping stations at district level soon.He visited various pumping stations and found shortage of generators and at some spots there was power failure.He said people should pay their water bills regularly and do not waste the water as city was already facing shortage.
Minister lauded the efforts and work of KWSB within the limited resources.He said Karachi was supplied from 150 kilometers and at two places chlorine is also added and this supply was made through modern machines.

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