Sindh Govt launches shuttle service for tourists of Makli

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Makli hill is an ancient graveyard of the Sindh province which is situated at about four kilometers on the distance from Thatta city. According the historians the graveyard of Makli hill is one largest funerary site in the world which spread over 12 square kilometers.
The necropolis provides a unique view of an old civilization of the Sindh. Because of its cultural and archeological importance, in the 1980s UNESCO listed the Makli necropolis as a world heritage site. The areas of this necropolis Makli hill comprises about 35 monuments and contains four different schools of architecture and art made from stone to brick and glaze.
Makli Necropolis features of several large funerary monuments belonging to royalty, various Sufi saints, and esteemed scholars. Sindh Govt also takes keen interest to facilitate the tourists and visitors of this necropolis Makli and it has launched different initiatives in collaboration with local Govt and other donors for the facilitation of the tourists.
Recently, Department of Culture, Tourism and Antiquities have commissioned the shuttle service for the tourists and visitors of the Makli aimed to facilitate them for visitors during their visit and provide them fully information regarding an old civilization of the Sindh. Syed Sardar Shah, Minister for Culture and Tourism Sindh, has inaugurated this shuttle service title with “Makli Necropolis Shuttle Service”.
According to Mr. Shah three “Shuttle Coasters” would initially facilitate the foreign and local tourists or visitors for guided tour of archaeological sites Makli in the specified areas of the district.

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