Sindh fights XDR Typhoid

It finally appears that Sindh government has succeeded in finding the cure of drug resistant Typhoid strain, which over a period of time caused havoc in different parts of the province including Karachi and reportedly claimed dozens of lives. It was first discovered in Hyderabad district and then spread to Karachi. A total of 8188 cases were reported, of which 5274 were extremely drug resistant (XDR) and therefore difficult to treat. 69% of all cases have thus far been identified in Karachi.
In this backdrop, the Sindh health ministry’s announcement that it had found efficient antibiotics in treating this dangerous disease is a matter of satisfaction and relief not only for those suffering from this kind of typhoid but also help offset negative image created by outbreak of the disease in other countries where the province was being cited as a place where health dangers could harm their citizens. The provincial health ministry has also asked drug inspectors in all the districts, the Pakistan Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Association, Pharma Bureau, Pakistan Chemist and Druggist Association, Sindh, and Wholesale Karachi Pharma Organisation to ensure that two vital antibiotics should be available in ample quantity to save lives. Since the two antibiotics are being produced locally, therefore, there should not be any shortage of the drugs in hospitals. Necessary directions also need to be issued to the hospitals to ensure timely administration of the two drugs to the patients showing symptoms of typhoid. This is important to save time before the patients’ health deteriorated.
The rise of these so-called ‘superbugs’ is correlated with poor hygiene and sanitation. Trash, sewage and poor hygiene dot our cities — a problem that we just do not seem to be resolving in any serious way. Superbugs are rising not because of some medical miracle, but because of how we choose to live. Therefore, it is our collective responsibility to ensure cleanliness in our surroundings and we will also urge both the Sindh and other provincial governments to pay special attention towards sanitation and provision of clean drinking water to the people in order to avert such health related risks.

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