Sindh CM lashes out at Centre for prolonged load-shedding

My Karachi Exhibition

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The growing and flourishing industrial units in Karachi are totally unacceptable to some people at the helm affairs, this is why they are resorting to prolonged load-shedding just to force the industrialists to shift from Sindh.
This was stated by Sindh Chief Minister Syed Murad Ali Shah today while addressing a programme ‘My Karachi Exhibition’ organized by KCCI at EXPO Center Karachi.
The chief minister said that the ‘Sindh-animosity’ was very much visible from the polices of the PML-N government. “This is a part of your agenda to annoy the industrialists operating in Karachi so that they shift their units from here,” he said and added “they don’t know the industrialists of Karachi are strong enough and stubborn and they know how to survive in difficult situation,” he said. He went on saying now they are using FIA to stop gas supply to KE so that the restored glories and industrial strength of Karachi fade away once again. “I know what you are playing and why are you playing,” he said and vowed “we would not let you succeed in your conspiracies. The people of Sindh have first right on the gas being produced from here- this is our constitutional right and we would get our right at any cost,” he said.
Murad Ali Shah said that two years back the law and orders situation was not good in the city. “We restored law and order and started reconstruction of the city,” he said and added in lighter mood “the industrialists used to give extortion to terrorists and we crushed [terrorists] them and now you can do your business in a safe and secure atmosphere.” On this Qasim Siraj Teli replied from audience that he never gave Bhatta. The chief minister said “You [Qasim Siraj Teli] might night be giving them bhatta but the others sitting here used to pay,” he said and added it was not your fault but the overall conditions were so bad that you [industrialists] had no other option. “Just what I want to tell the concerned quarters that in such worst conditions our industrialists survived here and now we would fight for our rights at every forum.
The chief minister said that he was trying his best to resolve the issue of prolonged load-shedding. “My contention is very simple that the original dispute is between KE and SSGC on payment of the dues. “This is your problem and you have to solve it- why you are punishing the people of Karachi,” he asked and assured the industrialists that he was writing another letter to the prime minister and in case he did not bother to heed towards this serious issue he would boycott the upcoming CCI meeting,” he threatened.
“The prime minister is directing SSGC and the KE to resolves the issues and restore gas and power supply in the city but they are reluctant,” he surprised and said “Look at the dare of both the entities, SSGC and KE, I think you [fed govt] don’t know how to run the organisations,” he said and added “let us give us proper share in their governing bodies and then see how we are making them straight in the service to the public,” he said. He further said “actually there is lack of sincerity at the end of federal government – I smells something wrong.”
The chief minister said that he had fulfilled almost all the promises he had made with people of Karachi. “Shahrah-e-Faisal was constructed by Shaheed Zulfikar Ali Bhutto and again we have reconstructed it along with laying new drainage, water supply lines and construction of storm water drains along the road after about 44 years,” he said and also added the construction of Tariq Road, remodeling of Drigh Road Flyover, construction of Munawar Suherwardi Underpass and construction of Fauzia Wahab flyover are some of the major works carried out on the main artery of the city- Shahrah-e-Faisal.
He also said that reconstruction of Tariq Road and University Road were also important works. He added that entire Saddar roads have been reconstructed along with laying new water, supply and drainage lines. Saddar would give most beautiful and fresh look,” he said and added work on the roads from Fuwara Chowk and back up to the Zaibunnisa Street and Avari Towers is almost at the completion stage. The woks on Submarine Underpass, Sunset-Gizri Boulevards Bridge and construction of Tipu Sultan road would be completed by the May 15. “Apart from it we have reconstructed various others roads in and around the city and there is still a lot of work to do,” he said.
Murad Ali Shah said that he has started world Bank-sponsored Karachi Neighbourhood programme under which old areas of the city right from Pakistan Chow, DG Science college area, Arts Council and upto Empress Market the area would be renovated and later declared as pedestrian area.
The chief minister told the industrialists that he has given them Rs3 billion to construct roads in their industrial areas. “Now, it becomes your responsibility to develop your industrial areas,” he said.
Meanwhile, Industries Minister Manzoor Wassan said in his speech that he had seen a dream that Qasim Siraj Teli was trying to become chief minister but “I saw him taking over as a industries minister,” he said in a lighter mood and asked him “we are guest of one month eight days – you are going to be minister and then resolve the issues of all the industrial areas,” he advised him. He said that when he had taken over as a minister for Industries there were only Rs140 million in the account of SITE Ltd and now the amount has increased to Rs340 million. He advised the SITE board to release the salaries of the staff, it not paid. He said that with the approval of the chief minister he has constructed 20-km road at Super Highway Industrial area and some other works have also been done in each and every industrial area.

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