Sindh child malnutrition

PPP, which is largest ruling party in Sindh, has failed to improve some major issues like food insecurity, disease, early marriage and malnutrition. Malnutrition is massive issue in Sindh in present days. The death on Saturday of six infants in Thar, because of malnutrition condition, was a grim reminder of alarming level of child undernourishment in Sindh.
Evidence of child neglect has prevailed for years in Thar where malnutrition has led to the death of at least 155 children so for this year; almost 50 fatalities occurred in March alone. This is a damming indictment of a government known for repeatedly making promises to improve things. Instead of waiting for the judiciary to intervene in executive responsibilities, in this case the increasing death in Thar, political parties must improve their performance.
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