Sindh — at the hands of PPP

Afaque Ahmed

I stand perplexed to watch PPP protesting (lately, I knew) against corruption of PML-N, while my indulging in nostalgia for a moment, a question is labyrinthine, what has PP-led government done so far? And what activities nowadays are in progress for the masses of Sindh? Sindh has lapsed into abject failure, whether it be politically, socially or economically; and to speak of corruption, it is on the top of list, in virtue of corrupt leaders of corrupt party. Mr. Chairman. Every time, he comes to air his views, he heaps scorn on Nawaz Sharif and his government of not coming up to expectations of the masses, while Sir don’t contend the problems every other Sindhi confronts in the province. Sindh, the divine place, which is hailed as the land of prosperity, has been destroyed at the hands of PP-led Government. The masses are thrown into labyrinth of poverty, and are chained to shackles of unemployment. The condition of roads and hospitals is the worst of the worst. The influential kidnappers and murderers of poor families, even of his own mother, are at large. In the province is his government where education is not but a miracle of money to pass the examination, the more the penny, the more the marks; schools are turned into fences, and colleges into stables; and text books are being sold at large prices to my astonishment. Government jobs are either filled with Jiyalas or to be sold at an auction, while the poor and the disabled, together with many others, have pinned all hopes on merit-cum-disability basis.
In his very speech, Mr. Chairman Bilawal Bhutto, maintains that the day he came into contact with politics, his party and his government has brought improvement in Sindh, but he doesn’t accept that the same party and the same government is the bane of status quo in province. The way, Mr Chairman speaks and raises slogans of ‘Bhuttos’ sacrifices for Pakistan’, to influence masses is sheer ridiculous and sometimes worth indignant, and to add insult to injury, he claims that his party is going strong in 2018 election whereas I see, youth, in earnest, intends to bid PPP adieu.

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