Silent Nawaz, Imran & establishment



Naveed Aman Khan

It is an admitted fact that death of former first lady Kulsoom Nawaz has jolted former Prime Minister Mian Nawaz Sharif. These days when he is at Jati Umra he goes to the grave of his beloved wife and returns after saying evening prayer. Blessed with great political lady Kulsoom Nawaz was great strength of Nawaz Sharif. Undoubtedly she was the nucleus of the Sharif Family. When she was seriously ill in London Nawaz Sharif had to come back to Pakistan to face cases. It was really very difficult time for them all. The lady was on death bed and Nawaz Sharif along with his daughter Maryam Nawaz decided to return. It was the time when they should have been there near the ailing lady. But after returning to Pakistan both father and the daughter were sent to jail and after a few days critical lady Kulsoom Nawaz took her last breath. Nawaz Sharif should have been near lady Kulsoom Nawaz during her last days of life. This is Nawaz Sharif’s great loss and regret of life. This feeling has snatched laughter from Nawaz Sharif. Secondly, these days Nawaz Sharif might have been reviewing his political decisions and their implications. Thirdly, at the start of PTI rule any political point scoring against ruling paryt and its leadership will not benefit him and his party at all.
He knows that at the start of PTI government he need not waste his political energies. Fourthly, he believes that because of incompetency and its U-turn policy PTI government will meet its fate sooner so he need not face blames of attempts of destabilization of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Government. Fifthly, he believes that PTI leadership is unable to run the business of the government and will fall by its own because it is creating crisis situations for itself. Sharif brothers pose that they are providing complete opportunities to Pakistan Tehreek0e-Insaf leadership to complete its term. Sixthly, Nawaz Sharif’s anti-establishment statements have created problems for him. Quietness of father, uncle and the daughter would surely cool the burning situation. Seventhly, economic crisis will push PTI government in deep trouble. At the time of new annual budget by June 2019 PTI government will be in deep trouble.
The entire nation knows that after giving fantastic dreams to the nation Imran Khan know is giving eggs to them to hatch and improve their economy. What a pity. Hatred between Sharifs and Establishment is continuously decreasing and this is the outcome of keeping quite on either ends. No more tweets from Maryam Nawaz and ISPR either. It is true that still both ends are not accepting one another but prefer keeping quite and you better know that silence has its own meaning and language. Whether this silence prevails post Corps Commanders meeting or post release from jail it has its own understandable meaningful impact.These days hawks are not finding opportunities to air Nawaz Establishment relations. Maryam Nawaz stood with her father hawkish policy about Establishment even from jail but post jail atmosphere look quite cool. Eighthly, Nawaz’s silence is because of his serious attention towards his unending cases. He is struggling to change interpretation of law and constitution in his cases. Supreme Court rather to decide his review petition has announced another larger bench. This has engaged him in his cases again. Ninthly, full attention of Establishment towards Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf has bestowed it with maximum political benefits. It is a known fact that Pakistan Muslim League (Nawaz) and Pakistan People’s Party have continuously been knocked out from political arena. If this formula of knocking out of PML-N and PPP succeeds it will be torrential for Pakistani politics, society and ultimate future of the country. Because of this move Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf will become sole political power of the country and this one party system will again cause political havoc. Reciprocally this formula will backfire and establishment will be in trouble.
So Establishment will never put itself in such trouble by giving out-of-bound powers to Imran Khan. If Pakistan Muslim League (Nawaz) and Pakistan People’s Party are knocked out then Opposition will emerge from Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf itself. Tenthly, Nawaz Sharif knows that somehow he has lost his government and election 2018 and PTI has replaced PML-N. He might be planning to regain his political strength knowing that one party strength will be dangerous for the country. Nawaz Sharif is struggling and fighting against all odds. He has not accepted his disgraced removal from premiership. He knows that one day he will regain his political power. If he had accepted all against him he would never have struggled courageously.
He is not hopeless. He looks very simple politician but he is cool and deep man. He avoids hasty decisions. He takes his time. Silence is always his effective deterrence. During his silence he takes his targets focused like a sniper. His silence is always his political strategy. About many personalities and on many issues he seldom speaks. He is busy in recollecting himself without Kulsoom Nawaz. That is why in the evening he goes to her grave and talks to her. He infact feels her absence too much. In my perception no one can vanish Zardari-led PPP and Nawaz Sharif-led PML-N. Both will regain their political positions within a couple of years. Where would stand PTI and this new formula-based set-up then. Nation is waiting for the day when looted and plundered billions of dollars will be brought back to the national exchequer . Now the nation will not ask Nawaz Sharif and Zardari about that money. Nation will soon question Imran Khan saying where is that looted money of Nawaz Sharif and Zardari. Has he brought back that money to the national exchequer?
— The writer is political analyst based in Islamabad.

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