Sikh community determined to defend Article 35-A


The All Parties Sikh Coordination Committee (APSCC) has said people of Jammu and Kashmir are emotionally and mentally attached to Article 35A and vowed to fight for protection of the law, which grants special privileges to residents of the State. Scores of APSCC members staged a protest at Pratap Park, here in support of Article 35A.
Carrying placards with messages, “Save Article 35-A”, “Safe guard state subject law”, “Hindu Muslim Sikh Isayee, Apus mai hai bayee bayee”, “We stand by Article 35-A”, the protestors said any attempt to tinker with Article 35-A would lead to serious consequences in the State.
APSCC chairman, Jagmohan Singh Raina said people of the State are emotionally and mentally attached with Article 35-A and any tinkering with it would lead to the worst situation in Valley.
“If the need arises, we will hit the roads to safeguard this law,” he said adding, “If 35A is scrapped, it will engulf whole India.”
Raina said any attempt to tinker with the distinctive status of Jammu and Kashmir would be opposed tooth and nail by people of state irrespective of caste, creed, region and religion.
Asking Prime Minister Narendra Modi to avoid playing politics on Kashmir, he said, “The talk regarding abrogation of Article 35A is closely linked with the 2019 Lok Sabha elections in India.”
“Modi wants to ride on the mileage out of the abrogation of Article 35A so that BJP emerges victorious in 2019 parliamentary elections. It is unfortunate that BJP and more so the PM is concerned about electoral gains rather than the consequences that would emerge if Article 35A is abrogated,” he said.
The APSCC chief said they support the two-day strike called by Joint Resistance Leadership (JRL) on August 26 and 27 against any attempt to tinker with Article 35A.
He warned that if there was any tinkering with Article 35-A, the Government of India (GoI) would be responsible for any violence in state.
The Supreme Court would hear the petitions challenging validity of the Article 35A next week. —RK

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