Significant decline in deaths in militant attacks

Islamabad—Human losses in militant attacks have seen significant decline during in February 2016. Fifty percent reduction in deaths was recorded in February as compared to January 2016 while 43 percent decline is seen in resultant injuries.
According to statistics issued by PICSS, an Islamabad based think tank, a total number of 46 militant activities were recorded in the month of February, 2016. A slight drop is seen in militant activities as compared to month of January, 2016 when number of attacks by militants were 56.
FATA in the month of February is again seen as boiling point with the increased number of attacks that is 16 which were 9 in the previous month. Balochistan, however is showing signs of improvement in restoring stability with 13 violent incidents as compared to 25 incidents in the month of January, 2016.
A marked reduction is observed in the violent incidents of KPK which have gone down to almost half. In KPK, only 5 militant activities were recorded as compared to previous month in which 13 such violent incidents were recorded by PICSS. In Punjab, 3 and in Sindh 7 acts of violence were seen.
In the 46 violent incidents recorded in the February total number of 51 people were killed which includes 33 security forces personnel, 2 razakars and 16 civilians. In these incidents 89 were injured which include 48 security forces personnel, 40 civilians and one militant. In January, 102 people were killed in militant activities so with the reduction in violent incidents, resultant deaths have gone down to almost half.
In FATA, 16 militant attacks were recorded which include 9 IED attacks, 4 physical assaults and 3 incidents of target killing.—APP

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