SID lacks trained officers

Irfan Aligi

Karachi—Running the provincial departments on ad hoc basis and through bureaucrats on interim set-up has become the hallmark of Sindh government. The civic authorities such as Karachi Metropolitan Corporation (KMC), District Municipal Corporations (DMC), Sindh Home Department and Sindh Information Department (SID) are sheer examples of Adhocism and interim set-up.
During past three years, Sindh Home Department and KMC were placed in a marry-go-round situation where Secretaries and Administrators were posted and replaced on weekly basis. Though to a lesser level, the SID is also one such provincial department, which has been turned into a connecting terminus like that of intercity bus or railways system and hence the capable officers and bureaucrats kept on moving from one section or station to another.
The SID, which is one among the provincial departments with pivotal importance is supervised by an adviser to the Chief Minister as there is no full time minister to look after this key provincial department especially after Sharjeel Innam Memon, who fled the country for fear of arrest on charges of corruption allegedly.
The SID does not have full time English content writer and handouts and statements of the provincial government are either produced in Urdu or Sindhi languages. The same Urdu and Sindhi handouts are also sent to English medium newspapers. The officers, who have served the SID across the province, never produced any English handout while those, who served this department in past or are now posted as Directors or Deputy Directors are also inexperienced as the majority of the incumbent officers were never posted at main press dealing sections of the SID.
For example, Ghulam Us Saqlain, who served SID as Director for past couple of months, also lacked appropriate technical know-how about dealing with the media while Zeenat Jehan, who has now been posted as Director SID does not have the required experience as she always remained in non-public and non-press and non-media sections throughout her service.
On Thursday, Sindh Information Secretary Zahid Memon ordered reshuffling in SID and thus the Sindh Services, General Administration and Coordination Department has notified transfers and postings of officers in SID. In this regard, Ghulam Us Saqlain, Director Information (BS-19), Directorate of Press Information (HQ) is transferred and posted as Director (BS-19), Head Quarter, Karachi.
He has been assigned to look after the work of Capacity Building. Conversely, Sanaullah Rajar, Director Information (BS-19), Divisional Directorate of Information, Larkana is transferred and posted as Divisional Director of Information (BS-19) Directorate of Information, Mirpurkhas vice Syed Pervaiz Hasnain transferred.

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