SI Global embarks on IT expansion in Pakistan

Staff reporter

Islamabad—SI Global Solutions has recently announced its mission for the expansion of IT business in Pakistan through roping in foreign investment. The first phase of this agreement has been signed with SSC Global Ltd. and Monolith Risk for the allocation of funds for medium term projects, amounting to Rs. 1.15 billion. Despite the challenges faced in Pakistan, SI Global has summoned these global experts concerning the sustainability and growth of the IT industry with respect to its potential and foreseeable contribution in the global market. The investment will be used as a thriving ground for the development of mobile applications, business consultation, and system integration across Pakistan’s IT industry as this will also assist in nurturing fresh graduates and businesses alike.
“One of the key features of determining a country’s progress is its rate of technological advance and its contribution in the global business market,” said Noman Said, Chief Executive Officer of SI Global, “quite a number of brilliant business ideas succumb to being divested because of a lack of substantiated finances. This is why, through these investments, we are ensuring that business opportunities are not left untapped. There is no dearth of talent in Pakistan and this collaboration will help facilitate it.”

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