Shujaat’s reveals starting political episodes

Bizenjo expects more PML- N defections

Salim Ahmed


Pakistan Muslim League-Q (PML-Q) President Chaudhry Shujaat Hussein has claimed that the 2008 general elections were “fixed” and that he was told by the Americans that Pervez Musharraf and Tariq Aziz let the PML (Q) down in the said elections.
In the book full of revelations, Shujat said that Nawaz Sharif reneged on promise to make Pervez Elahi Chief Minister Punjab. He has also disclosed that a Colonel once wanted to beat up Sheikh Rasheed but his interference saved the Rawalpindi politician.
Shujat also alleged that the former prime minister Nawaz Sharif asked him to frame Asif Ali Zardari in a “fake narcotics case.” He stated that he refused to file the case against Zardari. He wrote, “Zardari in 2011 told him that he became president because of him.”
Shujaat also wrote, “Before Nawaz Sharif was sworn in as prime minister for the second time in 1997, Nawaz Sharif visited me and promised to name Pervez Elahi as the chief minister of Punjab.” However, when Nawaz came to power he appointed his younger brother, Shehbaz Sharif against this post.
Continuing with his revelations, the PML-Q leader alleged former prime minister Shaukat Aziz complained about the then chief justice of Pakistan Iftikhar Chaudhry to Pervez Musharraf. “When Iftikhar Chaudhry was reinstated, I advised Musharraf to settle differences with him and he was ready to that, however, their aides did not allow them to do so,” he added.
Chaudhry Shujat further wrote that Pervez Musharraf used to say that former prime minister Mir Zafarullah Khan Jamali was “extremely lazy”. “He [Musharraf] used to complain that PM saab [Mir Zafarullah Khan Jamali] wakes up at noon and had reservations with him so I advised Jamali to resign,” he wrote in his book.
Regarding the Lal Masjid operation, the PML-Q leader wrote, “Thinking about that day still worries me.” Shujat while speaking about his book said, “I have written nothing but the truth in it.”
Speaking on the occasion, Balochistan Chief Minister Abdul Quddus Bizenjo criticised Nawaz Sharif for his criticism over Sadiq Sanjrani’s elevation as Senate chairman. “The former prime minister (Nawaz) only thinks the vote is being honoured when it goes to him or his candidates,” he said.
Bizenjo maintained that Nawaz Sharif had begun criticism when a Senate chairman was democratically elected from Balochistan last month. “Had Nawaz Sharif’s candidate won, the vote would have been respected but now that someone else has won, the vote has not been respected but it has been dishonored instead.
He further said that the people were leaving the PML-N because they were never respected by its leadership. “Nawaz Sharif never respected his people but they were not getting a chance [to leave]. We gave them a chance and they took it,” he said, predicting more defections from the PML-N after the current government’s tenure ends.
He added that he and others had stayed with the PML-Q in 2013 — despite knowing that the party would not get many seats in Pakistan — because of the respect they had received from PML-Q leadership. “The people of Balochistan are hungry for respect,” he said.
Speaking on the occasion, Awami Muslim League (AML) leader Sheikh Rasheed claimed that the former prime minister Nawaz Sharif tried to get the National Reconciliation Order (NRO) on March 23 but failed to get the same.
Referring to the NRO introduced by Pervez Musharraf, he said it was aimed at bringing the Pakistan People’s Party leaders back to the country for wiping off the corruption cases against them. “Everyone in Pakistan practices the politics of power,” he said, adding: “We must think about the country.’
He blamed Nawaz Sharif for speaking lies and only focusing on personal interest.

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