Show door to Afridi, save cricket

PAKISTAN fared badly in its opening match of the Asia Cup against India but the shameful defeat of the team in a match with Bangladesh on Wednesday is totally unacceptable and indigestible. The ignominious defeat has lent more credibility to demands about drastic changes in Pakistan cricket and the need to say goodbye to the loathsome favouritism that has always been there in the realm of cricket in the country.
The Bengal Tigers shattered Pakistan’s bid to stay in the running to play the final of the Asia Cup after achieving the 130 run target with 5 wickets and 5 balls to spare. For Pakistan, defending the 130 run target was a must in order to remain in the running to play the final of the Asia Cup. With this defeat, Pakistan has lost 12 out of 13 times; it was restricted under 130 runs when playing the first innings in a T20. The disgraceful exit of Pakistan from T-20 Asia Cup is a slur on the captaincy of Shahid Afridi, the self-styled hero of Pakistan cricket. It is because of the highly disappointing performance of Afridi that the batting legend Javed Miandad was forced to say Afridi does not deserve a place in the team. His suggestion is backed by the poor record of Shahid Afridi, who, analytically speaking, never played superbly with the exception of some timely sixers and fours to his credit. He is neither a good bowler nor even an ordinary batsman and no one knows why he is still there in the team. Pakistan Cricket Board is equally responsible for the current disaster and some heads must roll. People also question the logic of retaining Afridi as captain for forthcoming T-20 World Cup. We hope that all concerned would have a brainstorming session on what went wrong and why and how to arrest this decline, by making a beginning with shunting Afridi out.

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