Shoaib best choice to head Commission

UNPRECEDENTED Panama Papers disclosures about offshore hidden wealth of Sharif family and other political leaders whipped a storm in the national politics and it appears that the issue would continue to cause more tremors and take new dimensions with the passage of time. Gauging seriousness of the matter, Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif announced the formation of a Judicial Commission in a bid to put water on the fire, but it was termed as an eyewash by the Opposition.
Given the not very encouraging track record of Commissions, there is a wider impression that such bodies are only meant to be sops to an agitating or bleating people and nothing more than that. Experience of the past also indicate that many Commissions were constituted from Hamood-ur-Rehman to the one on Abbottabad to probe the May 02 US incursion but their findings were never made public to satisfy the people. In this perspective, it is imperative to hand over the investigation of Panama leaks- a serious and sensitive matter- to an impeccable and upright person having requisite experience to take the probe to its logical conclusion. Since the leaks contain not only names of family members of the PM but also several other political leaders including former Interior Minister Rehman Malik, therefore the whole investigation process needs to be carried out on non-partisan basis. We welcome the proposal of PTI Chairman Imran Khan to name former Tax Ombudsman Shoaib Suddle as head of Judicial Commission. In his press statement, he rightly pointed out that Shoaib has sufficient experience to investigate white-collar crimes. Indeed, track record of Shoaib Suddle is excellent and clean from any stain and being a role model police officer, the people still remember him for across the board operation he carried out in Karachi against criminals without submitting to political pressure. In his stint as Tax Ombudsman, he also had unearthed tax evasion worth billions of rupees by property tycoon Malik Riaz and Arsalan Iftikhar, the son of former Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhary. Therefore, we believe that Shoaib Suddle is the best choice and we hope that other opposition parties would also agree to his name. We would also urge the Prime Minister to graciously accept the process of accountability to get the name of his family cleared of all charges.

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