Shikarpur schoolgirls need safety

Engr. Arsalan Ali

It is rightly said if you educate a boy you educate an individual but if you educate a girl you educate a society. Unfortunately, girls cannot acquire education without security on their way to school. In Shikarpur Government Girls High School Sukpul Dadwai road, school children are unsafe on back side of main road of the school, the road is famous with the name so-called Pir Jandhal Shah.
For the last three years school teachers and girls have been complaining the area politicians that many vulgar guys on school timing bodily touch the school girls and teachers but nobody has assisted to secure them against such heinous activities. Over two hundred school girls use this road on their way to home but such mischievous mongers activities have left the parents with no option except not to send their children to school.
Can’t the district administration provide at least two sepoys for half an hour in morning time and in off time in noon, though Police choki is at arms length of school known as Store Ganj Police Station? Can district administration punish these vulgar people of all age who hinder in the education of schoolgirls? If these school going girls are not provided security, tomorrow their parents would not be responsible but state would be responsible because it failed to provide security to children on way to school.
— Shikarpur, Sindh

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