Shehr-i-Kitab’s expansion

WHILE performing inauguration of Book Café and Reading Room at Shehr-i-Kitab (City of Books) established by National Book Foundation in the Federal Capital, Adviser on National History and Literary Heritage Irfan Siddiqui also announced to establish another Shehr-i-Kitab in the city of Karachi with the aim to promote book-reading habits amongst the youth. Though the digital age revolution has changed forever the way we learn information and process it, yet it is an established fact that printed words have not lost their relevance and worth as the books are still described as the best companion to fight stress and pressure besides promoting analytical thinking. So initiatives such as Shehr-i-Kitab and literary festivals are very important to build strong bonds between the youth and the books.
Given the renewed focus currently being given to literary and cultural activities, it will not be wrong to state that Pakistan is passing through a period which indeed will go a long way in addressing chronic problems of intolerance and extremism while promoting hope and positive values amongst the people. Behind the revival of these healthy activities is undoubtedly the role of adviser on National History and Literary Heritage Irfan Siddiqui, who has worked with missionary zeal and steadfastness in order to acquaint the young population with their country’s rich cultural heritage, art and literature. He has infused new life in institutions such as National Book Foundation who over the years had become dormant and dysfunctional. Shehr-i-Kitab established by NBF in the Federal Capital has been providing books on diversified subjects and educational material on discounted rates. Ever since its establishment two years ago, the initiative has got over-whelming response from local visitors and we expect that now its expansion to the city of Karachi will also be a success story. We expect that its scope will be further widened across the country that will greatly help to acquaint our youth with their culture and literature.

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