Shehbaz Sharif focus on rural areas

PUNJAB Chief Minister Muhammad Shehbaz Sharif has approved, in principle, the launch of cleanliness and development programme for villages and an amount of Rs19 billion will be earmarked for this purpose. Sanitation and development projects will be launched at the union council level under the programme and representatives of local government institutions will identify the schemes.
It is a matter of satisfaction that contrary to critics propaganda, the Chief Minister is not just focusing on resolution of problems being faced by major urban centres but is also determined to transform the lot of people in rural areas that are the backbone of the country’s economy. Already, billions of rupees have been spent on construction of thousands of kilometers of roads in rural areas that have not only helped increase mobility but also facilitated farmers in taking their produce to the market instantly and with less cost. The latest programme would concentrate on cleanliness and development and has the potential to bring about a real change in the landscape of rural areas of Punjab, as it would be implemented with the collaboration of union councils that are familiar with the local problems and requirements. Mega development projects, no doubt, create economic opportunities and resolve problems of the people but lifting of garbage, construction of drains, nullahs, streets and water supply schemes directly impact people at grassroots. We hope that the programme would be implemented in a highly transparent manner and an elaborate monitoring mechanism would be put in place to ensure that it serves the intended purposes.

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