Shehbaz attracted by Turkish health system

OVER the past few years, a significant stride has been made both by the leadership of Turkey and Pakistan to transform their historic brotherly relations into strong economic bonds and also diversified their cooperation in different fields including health, education, infrastructure, transportation and culture. In yet another welcome development, Punjab Chief Minister Shehbaz Sharif while talking to a Turkish delegation the other day said his government would benefit from the Turkish model to bring improvements in its healthcare system while the Turkish delegation also expressed full support in this endeavour.
There is no doubt that Turkey has made significant achievements in different sectors including healthcare under the dynamic leadership of Recep Tayyip Erdogan. Due to major reforms, the country has achieved universal health insurance coverage for its population and the general quality of health services has greatly improved. In Pakistan patient satisfaction level is very low for varying reasons- primary being the attitudinal problem of our public sector doctors and nurses. Therefore, the decision of the Punjab CM to send nurses to Turkey for training indeed is a step in the right direction to learn from the experience and expertise of Turkey and improve overall environment in public sector health infrastructure, which currently is unable to meet any international standards. The job of nurses is to treat patients with utmost compassion but in our hospitals we see paramedical staff not only losing their tempers but also misbehaving with patients and their attendants. We expect that foreign training would help our nurses develop required tenets of patience, responsibility and human dignity, which in fact are the hallmark of this profession. While taking a clue from Turkish public sector hospitals, we also expect Punjab as well as other provincial governments to improve healthcare infrastructure and ensure provision of all medical facilities ranging from laboratory tests to treatment under one roof as often poor patients coming to government hospitals are referred to private labs for medical tests which is nothing but rubbing more salt on their wounds.

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