SHC hears a petition on dividing Karachi into seven autonomous states


KARACHI : Sindh High Court (SHC) Justice Aqeel Abbasi has remarked that Karachi’s population has exceeded 20 million while there is limit across the world for mega cities only with 5 million people. Karachi has been ruined on the pretext of “Mini Pakistan.”

People are after killing each other in this city. The petitioner has in the petition was of the view that since the population of the Karachi city has exceeded 20 million and hence it would be sane to divide this city into seven autonomous states.

The single bench comprising Justice Abbasi passed these remarks during the hearing of a constitutional petition on dividing Sindh in seven autonomous states.

He issued notices to the Sindh provincial government (Interim government), Sindh Chief Secretary, Karachi Commissioner and other respondents to file their comments, responses until July 5 on how Karachi could be divided on administrative grounds. The single bench also sought from the respondents to explain in black in white as under what law and mechanism the division of Karachi could be carried into autonomous states or autonomous districts.

Justice Abbasi in his remarks stated that the port city of Karachi has been ruined on the pretext of “Mini Pakistan” and the treatment done to the people of this city is worst while the people are cross with each other and are after killing each other. The water and power scarcity in the metropolis is open to all.

He said that there are countries with population same as in Karachi across the world but we have made Karachi a city with a population of above 20 million people. Those who are enjoying lucrative top positions have ruined this city.

In addition, Justice Abbasi said that the political leader have smashed the nomination papers and they have removed all barriers to check the admissions of the corrupt elements I the politics and the Parliament and now all thieves and plunderers can fight elections without fear and any check.

He said that the worst of country’s problem is corruption and dishonesty and just because of their corruption, many have been disqualified as public office holders. Elections have reached very near and amid this situation any order passed would become cumbersome.

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