Sharing empowerment

What a daunting task and a horrendous challenge it is to deviate from the straight and narrow or peep out of one’s cubicle and break the shackles of linear thinking and functional fixedness!? Due concerns, care and consideration for our beloved mothers, daughters, sisters and aunties advocating women rights, emancipation and empowerment with just a handful of results to cherish. Let us not have a change of heart but a change of strategy delving into the unknown, being brave and bold, talking of enlightenment and thinking beyond women empowerment to sharing empowerment!!
When a gender at odds family breaks the vicious circle of leg-pulling, mud-slinging and fault-finding and learns to mutually address joys, sorrows, issues or problems, the net result is mutual rewards. Sharing Empowerment at work depends on how a corporate guru sets an example in a gender congenial environment towards mutual trust, credibility and profitability of the company. Imagine how impossible it is for an Ad Agency to survive when creative men and women do not share ideas, insights and initiatives in copy-writing, art and designing, and marketing!
See in your mind’s eye, rising over and above self and shunning die-hard ego, how beautiful a society ushers when men and women transform from blatant critics to practical doers. From the oldies saying men and women are two wheels of a vehicle to contemporary needs and demands; life is more than male chauvinism or women’s emancipation towards mutual trust and enlightenment. While women empowerment is crucial in socio change for the better, what is vital is sharing empowerment, when men and women go together towards a welfare society that makes our world go round. Tough ask!

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