Sharifa Bibi in Devine Court

Naveed Aman Khan
ORPHAN Sharifa Bibi 16, on gun point  was stripped and paraded naked in Garra Matt village of Dera Ismail Khan at half past eight in the morning while returning her home along with fellow villagers {ladies} after  fetching drinking water from rain water pound of the village on 27 October 2017.  Ten persons including Rehmatullah, Shah Jahan Ahmad, Gulistan Ahmad, Ramzan Ahmad, Nasir, Said Mohammad, Aslam ,Sanaullah, Ikram and Sajawal Ahmad were accused . Eight of them have been arrested. The main culprits, Sajawal Ahmad Sehrr and Rehmatullah are still at large .
Rehmatullah is the one who continued making shameful video of unfortunate Sharifa Bibi. Police claimed that four of the culprits had confessed their crime. These ten armed men seized and dragged her. Without knowing her crime, these men first tore her shirt and then removed her clothes forcibly. She cried for help but no one came to her rescue. She ran for mercy to a nearby home and tried to take shelter under a cart. The culprits entered that home and dragged her from her legs. Orphan Sharifa Bibi was paraded in the streets for over two hours and then taken to a Hujra and confined her there  where these ten culprits started gazing and playing with  her naked for over two hours. Then at the time of Friday prayer on a bike naked Sharifa Bibi  was taken to forest where they left her helpless. From there she ran naked to her uncle’s home.  Sharifa Bibi and her mother Khursheed Bibi when approached police station for legal action against the culprits, police initially refused to help the widow mother and the orphan Sharifa Bibi. Thanks to local socio-political activist Saifullah who after knowing about this heinous beneath- humanity incident highlighted it in the media. After immense pressure of media, police registered FIR against the culprits. Because of Saifullah’s extraordinary efforts, family of the poor  Sharifa Bibi moved the Peshawar High Court  to seek protection against the accused and recovery of her video from them. The petition also sought progress in the investigation of the case.
The population of Garra Matt village  is over five thousand. This village is part of NA-25 constituency of Dera Ismail Khan. Presently, Dawarr Khan Kundi is Member National Assembly while Ali Amin Gandapur Member Provincial Assembly and Minister in the KP Government. Both of them won their seats on PTI ticket. Formerly, JUI leader Maulana Fazal-ur- Rehman’s brother Maulana Ata-ur-Rehman had been elected Member National Assembly from this constituency during People’s Party and Musharraf regimes. In the village there is no electricity, no road, no potable water, no boys and girls schools, no hospital. The condition of the surrounding villages is no different. Human life here is worst than animals in the 21st Centur. Here human beings and animals drink water at the same rain water pound. Politicians never visit such areas to come to know and address miseries and woes of the people living there. In Sharifa Bibi incident PTI MNA Dawarr Khan Kundi  did his utmost to bring justice to Sharifa and raised his voice on all forums including National Assembly while PTI KP Minister Ali Amin Gandapur provided shelter and refuge to the culprits. Gandapur did his level best to protect the criminals. Still he is extending his support to these culprits.
Sharifa Bibi after this inhuman incident is continuously in traumatic state. In such conditions she was brought to Islamabad for treatment and evaluation of her psychological state from Mental Health Professional Dr. Mouna Gauhar. Dr. Mauna provided her treatment to Sharifa Bibi. According to  Dr. Mauna  people exposed to such torture are scared for life. Dr. Mauna told that Sharifa Bibi appeared very thin, weak and disconnected from herself giving brief statements. Her mother reported that she doesn’t eat and sleep well and often wake up screaming during dark hours of the night. She spends solitary hours sitting still, staring in the air and often weeps. She is deeply traumatized by the event. Symptoms of Post Traumatic Stress and Depression (PTSD) are a debilitating condition that occurs after experiencing or witnessing such traumatic incidents.
Sharifa Bibi inhuman, indecent and below-dignity incident is the reflection of brutality and lawlessness in the settled areas of the country what to talk of unsettled tribal regions. Brutality on gun point is the only law of such people there. This incident reflects the condition of authority of the government and writ of the judiciary. In this shameful incident neither federal government of PML N nor government of PTI KP took action against the culprits. So much so even after raising voice in favor of Sharifa Bibi on the floor of the National Assembly by PTI MNA Dawarr Khan Kundi nothing happened. This is the worst level of irrelevancy of the concerned authorities. Does article 17 of the Constitution of Pakistan also provide all sorts of fundamental human rights to Sharifa Bibi and her poor family? Sharifa  Bibi  says that honorable courts are very busy in providing justice to Imran Khan and Nawaz Sharif and  has no time for her. Is she not human being and  Pakistani?
Will the Constitution of Pakistan provide justice to Sharifa Bibi at her broken and shattered doorstep? This is the society of inhumanity and lawlessness. Nawaz Sharif in this country has been begging for justice since 28 July 2017 while Imran Khan has been crying  for the last many many years for his political gains but none of them cried for justice for Sharifa Bibi. Imran Khan  was making KP paradise but after five years of PTI government it has become hell. Garra Matt incident reflects hell like life but Imran Khan is satisfied. The Champions of Islam, PTI coalition partner in KP and  JI leader Siraj ul Haq while PMLN coalition partner in federal government, JUI leader Maulana Fazal-ur-Rehman  kept quiet and did nothing for Sharifa Bibi yet . Neither even Suo Moto action is taken by Peshawar High Court or Supreme Court of Pakistan. Is this incident not worthy of Suo Motu?  If not provided justice to Sharifa Bibi she would submit her matter in the divine court of her Creator.
— The writer is political analyst based in Islamabad.

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