Sharia banking can be driven through halal industry


Sharia banking prospects both short and long term is considered very good. To improve the growth of sharia banking is considered to be encouraged through the halal industry.
CORE Executive Director Hendri Saparini said the growth of sharia banking is not accompanied by the large market share of sharia banks. That’s because now it is still at 5.44 percent.
“Syariah grows high because the cake is still small but if you look at other factors, now ghiroh (spirit) of people using sharia financing, both banks and non-banks are growing, so this is the era to encourage sharia banking,” he said in a discussion in Bandung on Thursday 19/10).
He explained, sharia economy can grow when the sharia market is also growing. “In other countries like that, so if you want sharia banking to grow, the halal sector should also grow higher,” he said.
He asserted, Indonesia with the largest Muslim population in Indonesia should be able to more easily develop the halal sector. This is so as not to be left behind with other countries. “Now that Japan and Korea have declared themselves as a halal-based economy, they will make sharia while Muslims are few but they believe Indonesian, Malaysian or Arab tourists will come and need it,” Hendri said. So, he said, their financial industry can grow.
Previously, Malaysia had first developed the sector of things so that now menjasi halal industrial center in the world. “In Indonesia, the culprit is not you can understand each other a lot because of the halal small. It should be thrust Islamic business,” said Hendri.—Agencies

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