Shame on you

Ch Muhammad Saleem

Panama leaks have flabbergasted the world with its revelations about the world leaders. After Panama leaks, we have seen that the Prime Minister of Iceland and the Prime Minister of Ukraine have lost their Prime Ministership due to their involvement in the offshore companies leaked out by Panama leaks. There is a huge gathering of people outside of the residence of Prime Minister of Malta, chanting as “Shame on You” and protesting against him to step down because he has also been named by Panama leaks to have offshore companies.
Moreover, the Prime Minister of UK David Cameroon faced very critical questions in Parliament when he was justifying the business of his father. This is the response of civilized nations. What we have responded back after knowing that our Prime Minister along with his family is found to have offshore companies. Our public didn’t come out on roads, our Prime Minister didn’t resign and only our media is making noise tentatively. We don’t deserve to be called as nation because nations are those that have responded back against their Prime Ministers who have been found involved in Panama leaks. The slogan “Shame on you” that is being chanted by the public of Malta, must be chanted against the people of Pakistan as “Pakistanis, Shame on You”.

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