Shah’s logical demands

LEADER of the Opposition in the National Assembly Syed Khursheed Shah on Wednesday demanded that the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) appoint Provincial Election Commissioners and postpone its ban on the recruitment of public servants until a date for the general election is announced. Talking to newsmen in Islamabad on Wednesday, he said the Chief Election Commissioner has been misguided on placing a ban on recruitments as well as allocation of funds for development schemes.
This is what this newspaper has been pleading all along that the incumbent governments are fully entitled to fill vacancies or launch development schemes till last minute of their rule. If a ban is imposed two or three months ahead of end of tenure of a political government then it amounts to injustice to the electorate and masses. Federal and provincial governments have been mandated by the people to take measures for their welfare for full five years. It is strange that both the Supreme Court and the Election Commission are unilaterally imposing bans on different aspects of governance, depriving opportunity to the elected governments to deliver as per their manifestoes and aspirations of the people. ECP can exercise its power and authority only during interim period and stopping governments from performing their legitimate functions amounts to overstepping its mandate. The leader of the opposition has written a letter to the Commission in this regard and it should review its decision immediately in the interest of general public. Going by the logic of the ECP, incumbent Government cannot present budget for the next financial year as these would also envisage hundreds of development schemes as per priorities and programmes of the respective governments. Peshawar High Court is also hearing a petition of a provincial minister challenging the ban imposed by the Election Commission and hopefully the court too would deliver judgement on a fast track basis in view of urgency of the situation as there is very limited time available for governments to do something tangible for masses before election.

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