Shahida Latif’s naatia kalam ‘Nigah-e-Mustafa’ hits book stores

Zubair Qureshi

Prominent poet, writer and journalist Shahida Latif has come up with her 8th book of poetry, this time a tribute to Holy Prophet Hazrat Muhammad Peace Be Upon Him. The Naatia Majmua is titled “Nigah-e-Mustafa.” The book reflects deep dedication and submission of the poetess for the Holy Prophet (PBUH) and his family. She attributes all her achievements, name and fame to the blessings of Allah and her association with Allah’s Prophet. Iftikhar Arif, Director General of the National Language Promotion Department and great poet of our times, a composer of Hamd, Naat, salam and traditional poetry has appreciated her first attempt at Naatia Kalam. Dr Riaz Majeed, another poet of Naat has written the preamble of her book while Qamar Warsi another poet and writer has commented on the book and termed Shahida a distinguished voice. He says Shahida Latif is an untiring soul who alwasy looks forward and yearns for doing new and unique things. Dr. Riaz Majeed has commented that earlier Shahida Latif wrote various books on different subjects such as current affairs, travelogue and poetry etc.
But this book reflects a drastic change in her mind towards religion and religious values. Earlier Shahida Latif published of poetry book “Mojza” “Main Pakistani Hoon” “Marka-e-Kashmir” “Mohabat Ho Na Jaye” “Baraf Ki Shehzadi” “ Uff Ye Bartania” and “Baitullah Pay Dastak”.
These publications were given great appreciations, both inside Pakistan and around the world.
Shahida Latif has also written a book on current affairs “Pakistan Main Fauj ka Kirdar” (Role of Military in Pakistan) “America, Islam and Aalmi Aman” (America, Islam and World Peace). She has also written a “Saat Qadeem Ishq” (Seven Ancient Love Affairs). It is a well known novel and received well among the literary circles. Besides, she is also author of a classic book “Hikayat ka Encyclopedia” (An Encyclopedia of Anecdotes) and “Dunya Kay 70 Ajooby” (Seven Wonders of the World).

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